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Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Xinxiang 453003, China
Prof. Dr. Xingquan Liu
School of Materials and Energy, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054, China

Prospects for High-Performance Batteries

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Dear Colleagues,

The use of traditional fossil energies (coal, oil, and natural gas) has promoted the development of human society. However, their use has caused serious environmental pollution and global warming. With the rapid development of new energy technologies, many kinds of electrochemical energy storage devices such as lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, zinc-ion batteries, lithium–sulfur batteries, all-solid-state batteries, and lithium–metal batteries have been developed to achieve green sustainable development and alleviate the level of environmental pollution. The development of high-performance batteries is closely associated with the electrochemical properties of these energy storage devices. It is particularly necessary to enhance the structural stability, charge transport efficiency, reversible capacity, long cycling performance, and high-rate capability of electrochemical energy storage materials with high energy and high-power densities. In consideration of the design and development of advanced battery technologies, we cordially invite you to contribute to this Topic entitled “Prospects for High-Performance Batteries”. The major aim of this Topic is to collect very recent original and innovative reports (original research, communications, or review articles) regarding the development of high-performance batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, sodium-ion batteries, zinc-ion batteries, lithium–sulfur batteries, all-solid-state batteries, and lithium–metal batteries. Prospective authors may consider the structural design principles, synthetic methodologies, characterization strategies, and electrochemical properties of advanced cathode materials, anode materials, and electrolytes for the above-mentioned high-performance batteries. Furthermore, innovative theories and mechanism analyses of new battery systems are welcomed.

Prof. Dr. Hongyuan Zhao
Prof. Dr. Xingquan Liu
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  • lithium-ion batteries
  • sodium-ion battery
  • zinc-ion battery
  • lithium–sulfur batteries
  • all-solid-state batteries
  • lithium–metal battery
  • cathode materials
  • anode materials
  • electrolytes

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