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Sustainable Products and Services

A section of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

Section Information

The world is experiencing a new stage of development in the context of sustainable development. In the establishment of sound products and services, bringing social and economic benefits and realizing sustainable economic and social development has become a major research topic. Sustainable products and services have proven to be a very good alternative for developing new business models and transforming traditional offers into sustainable ones. Environmental, social, and economic benefits support the idea of developing this field.

Thematically, “Sustainable Products and Services” includes:

  • Clean technology/cleaner production;
  • Eco-efficiency;
  • Industrial ecology;
  • Intra/Intergenerational equity;
  • Life cycle management;
  • Life cycle thinking;
  • Life cycle sustainability assessment;
  • Producer responsibility;
  • Rebound effect;
  • Sustainable design;
  • Sustainable lifestyles;
  • Sustainable policies;
  • Sustainable procurement;
  • Sustainable products and services;
  • Sustainable production;
  • Green/Sustainable supply chain management;
  • Servitization;
  • Eco-design;
  • Product redesign for the circular economy;
  • Design for sustainable behavior;
  • AI applications to product design and sustainability;
  • Data analytics for new product development;
  • Blockchain for new product development and security.

Accordingly, the Section “Sustainable Products and Services” is interested in research articles, conceptual articles, review articles, and commentaries covering the whole breadth of sustainability concerns. This Section publishes theoretical and empirical papers related to the abovementioned issues. In particular, the Section welcomes contributions by early-career researchers and propositions for Special Issues on a single specific theme in the field of Sustainable Products and Services.

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