Molecular Magnetism

A section of Magnetochemistry (ISSN 2312-7481).

Section Information

The Section “Molecular Magnetism” of the journal Magnetochemistry publishes different types of papers in areas of molecule-based magnetic materials and magnetism, mainly focusing on the molecular materials (such as SMMs, SIMs, SCMs, ferromagnetic molecules, antiferromagnetic molecules, Lanthanide(III) complexes and other complexes), molecular magnetism and other magnetic phenomena of these materials, including slow relaxation and magnetization, magnetic anisotropy, chiral magnetism, coherence phenomena, and other properties.

Subject Areas

  • Molecule-based magnetic materials:
    1. SMMs, SIMs, SCMs;
    2. Ferromagnetic molecules and antiferromagnetic molecules;
    3. Lanthanide(III) complexes and other complexes;
  • Molecular magnetism and magnetic characterization:
    1. Slow relaxation and magnetization;
    2. Magnetic anisotropy;
    3. Chiral magnetism;
    4. Coherence phenomena.

Editorial Board

Special Issues

Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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