Magnetic Field

A section of Magnetochemistry (ISSN 2312-7481).

Section Information

The Magnetic Field Section of Magnetochemistry mainly focuses on, but is not limited to, the following scopes: magnetic fields of permanent magnets, interactions between magnets, materials under magnetic fields, space plasmas under magnetic fields, geomagnetic observation, creation and applications of magnetic fields. The Section will publish papers in different formats, such as research reports, short communications, comprehensive reviews and original research articles.


  • magnetic poles and models
  • magnetic induction
  • magnetic force
  • magnetic torque
  • magnetoelectric effect
  • magnetization of materials
  • magnetized plasmas
  • imaging measurements in geomagnetic field
  • properties of magnetic materials
  • chemical synthesis
  • creation and applications of magnetic fields
  • material growth and treatment in magnetic field

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Special Issue

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