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UK Magnetics Society (UKMagSoc)

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People involved with the UK Magnetics Society believe that magnetism in all its forms is an amazing force, and that by understanding and harnessing it people can deliver amazing things.

We believe that magnetics science and engineering can change the future for the better—we can create more effective forms of energy generation, develop less polluting transport, discover the secrets of the universe, and manufacture materials which do less environmental damage; we can establish and build research groups, as well as companies to use this research.

We believe that people achieve more when they work together and have opportunities to share what they know, to learn from different subjects, to develop connections with like-minded people, whichever country they are from, and to find partners, suppliers, and customers worldwide.

UKMagSoc delivers on its beliefs by connecting the ‘people who do’.

We help them share what they know, learn from each other, and find each other. We organise meetings to bring them together, we publish emails and magazines to share their news and knowledge, we put on courses to provide them with new information, we run events to bring new people into the community, and we support students in developing their careers.

The UK Magnetics Society supports magnetics professionals in all fields or countries.

We are called the UK Magnetics Society, but only because we started there. There are no limits to our members, delegates, events, or content—as our resources allow, we always have and always will engage worldwide.

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