Insect Physiology, Reproduction and Development

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The Section “Insect Physiology, Reproduction and Development” will focus on molecular, biochemical, and physiological processes in insects in terms of their development and reproduction. The emphasis is on the control of metabolic processes by internal as well as external factors. Understanding metabolic processes at the level of gene regulation and enzyme activities may help to better assess environmental influences, e.g., by global temperature change, on insect development and reproduction, but also on the extinction of insect species in certain areas, the spread to new habitats or the penetration of invasive species. This Section will also include studies on the hormonal regulation of the insect lifecycle, on insect sensory systems, on insect–microbe interactions or on insect immunity. Finally, papers on the use of alternative and ecofriendly biopesticides in insect pest control are also welcome to this Section as long as they may affect the development and reproduction of pest species.


  • genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics
  • endocrine regulation of insect development and reproduction
  • sensory systems, including pheromones
  • environmental effects on insect lifecycles
  • immunity
  • insect–microbe interactions
  • ecofriendly insecticides
  • insects as food and feed
  • insect physiological changes during insect–plant interactions

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