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This section publishes results of a high scientific level in all aspects of Bioinorganic Chemistry research. Original papers of potential interest to the readership of the journal are published as full papers, short communications and reviews. The topics of interest to the journal include the structures, functions and mechanisms of metalloenzymes; modern methods to determine their structure; the synthesis and characterization of transition metal complexes as model systems mimicking the structure, spectroscopic properties and function of biomolecules; theoretical simulations; the role of metal ions in biology and medicine; interaction of metal ions and small molecules containing them with biological molecules; metal-based drugs and their mechanisms of action, etc.


bioinorganic; alcohol dehydrogenase; alkaline phosphatase; amino acids; anticancer drugs; ascorbate oxidase; auranofin; iron–sulfur cluster; electron transfer; ion transport; ion channels; anticancer agents; nucleobases; nucleosides; nucleotides; bioavailability of metal ions; biomineralization; biotin sulfoxide reductase; bleomycin; metal-binding proteins; magnesium; calcium; carboplatin; catechol-1,2-dioxygenase; carbonic anhydrase; CO2-fixation; dehydrogenases; dehydratases; catalase; chlorins; DNA; DNA cleavage; corrins; cobalt; iron; copper; manganese; molybdenum; nickel; platinum; technetium; vanadium; chromium; tyrosyl radical; urease; zinc; crown ethers; cryptands; hydrogenases; detoxification; dioxygenases; drugs; teranostic agents; enterobactin; ferredoxin; ferritin; peroxidases; proton–electron transfer reactions; electron transfer reactions; rubredoxin; cisplatin; synthetic models; dioxygen complexes; blue copper proteins; Vitamin B-12; enzyme; methane; hemoglobin; hemocyanin; hemerythrin; homeostasis; monooxygenase; siderophores; ROS; CORM; galactose oxidase; chelating agents; cytochrome P-450; cytochtome c oxidase; cytochtome c peroxidase; imaging; sensors; radiopharmaceuticals; metallopharmaceuticals; myoglobin; plastocyanin; porphyrin; superoxide dismutase; xanthine oxidase; metalloenzymes; metallointercalators; metallothionein; nitric oxide; nitric oxide reductase; nitrite reductase; nitrogen fixation; nitrogenase; nucleic acids; oxygen atom transfer reactions; oxygen-evolving complex; peroxidases; pharmaceuticals; ribonucleotide reductase; ribosomes; sulfite oxidase; zinc finger; carbon monoxide; carbon monoxide dehydrogenase (CODH); cyanide; catalysis; methane monooxygenase (MMO); nitrous oxide reductase; bio-organometallic

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