Food Hygiene and Safety

A section of Hygiene (ISSN 2673-947X).

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The journal Section on Food Hygiene covers all aspects related to food hygiene and food safety. It encompasses any research or review on biological and chemical hazards present in food environments, with implications in consumer health. This Section puts special emphasis on the analysis of the impact of novel and conventional food hygiene interventions and food safety policies from a multidisciplinary and One Health perspective. Several topics are inside of the scope of the Section, such as the study of the response of foodborne pathogens in foods, emergent and zoonotic foodborne pathogens, natural toxins, microbial resistance, xenobiotic pollutants and allergens, food safety educational programmes, and the use of digital solutions for food control and food traceability.


  • predictive microbiology
  • food risk assessment
  • foodborne disease investigations
  • incidence of foodborne pathogens throughout the food chain
  • emerging foodborne pathogens
  • performance of good hygiene practices
  • food quality and safety protocols
  • emerging food processing technology for food safety
  • novel food preservatives
  • food process control
  • food hygiene policies
  • food hygiene in healthcare settings
  • food safety educational programmes
  • food toxicology
  • omics for food hygiene
  • digital solutions for food management systems
  • food safety from a One Health perspective

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