Artificial Intelligence in Medicine

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Artificial intelligence technologies are extensively applied in the medical field, such as in disease diagnosis, classification and prediction, health monitoring, clinical decision support, medical data analysis, hospital scheduling, and bioprinting. Such applications have considerably enhanced the accuracy and cost-effectiveness of medical and health care services. This Section intends to provide technical details of the development of artificial intelligence methods and the corresponding applications to medical and health care fields.


  • bioprinting
  • bio-inspired algorithm
  • deep learning
  • machine learning
  • medical robots
  • natural language processing
  • social intelligence
  • virtual and augmented reality

with applications in

  • clinical decision support
  • disease diagnosis, classification, and prediction
  • health monitoring
  • healthcare service recommendation
  • hospital scheduling
  • medical data analysis
  • medical image analysis
  • medical innovations
  • smart hospital
  • telehealth, telemedicine

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