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The section “RNA” focuses on research that sheds light on the function of RNA in the cell. This comprises experimental as well as theoretical work and covers the molecular biology, biochemistry, computational biology and bioinformatics of RNA. Preferably, the publications in this section combine methods from different fields and help to achieve holistic insight into RNA function in a genome- or transcriptome-wide fashion. Furthermore, studies on the modelling and simulation of RNA-centric networks and their integration into protein, transcription factor and gene regulatory networks will be highly appreciated. The overarching goal is to collect research findings that significantly contribute to the understanding of RNA functions in the cell, with the aim to provide basic knowledge for research towards medical or biotechnological applications of RNA, e.g., as vaccines. Some of the specialty areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Non-coding RNA;
  • Regulatory RNA;
  • RNA–RNA interactions;
  • RNA–protein interactions;
  • RNA structure analysis;
  • RNA bioinformatics;
  • RNA-based regulatory networks;
  • Modelling and simulation of RNA-based regulation;
  • RNA and epigenetics.

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