27–30 August 2024, Vienna, Austria
International Conference on Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices 2024 (NANOMAT2024)

International Conference on Functional Nanomaterials and Nanodevices 2024 aims to bring together leading scientists, researchers, engineers, and technology developers in nanotechnology to exchange information on their latest progress in research and innovation. This conference will include a series of symposia focused on four main areas, which are functional nanomaterial synthesis and characterization; devices for energy storage and energy conversion; nanobiotechnologies and nanodevices; and nanotechnology for environmental studies and safety issues.

  1. Symposium on Energy Conversion and Storage Materials
    This symposium aims to attract experts working in the field of energy storage materials.
    Topics include the following:
    a. Li-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries, supercapacitors;
    b. Fuel cells;
    c. Organic–inorganic perovskite solar cells;
    d. Organic polymer solar (OPV) cells;
    e. Hydrogen generation and storage;
    f. Light-emitting diodes;
    g. Optoelectronic devices for efficient energy usage;
    h. Self-powered nanodevices/nanosystems;
    i. Photovoltaics;
    j. Piezoelectric nanogenerators.
  2. Symposium on the Synthesis and Characterization of Nanomaterials
    To cover the developments in nanomaterials synthesis and characterization, we also included a separate section which will focus on various topics, such as the following:
    a. Synthesis of inorganic nanomaterials;
    b. Electrodeposition of thin films;
    c. Hydrothermal synthesis of organic/inorganic nanomaterials;
    d. Various techniques for the characterization of nanomaterials and thin films;
    e. Polymeric nanomaterials;
    f. Other topics.

  3. Symposium on Catalysis for Clean Energy and Chemical Production
    a. Synthesis of novel materials for catalysis and photocatalysis;
    b. Water splitting and solar fuels;
    c. New reactions and characterizations of catalysts;
    d. Biofuels and value-added products;
    e. Pyrolysis and catalytic technologies;
    f. Other topics.

  4. Symposium on Nanobiotechnologies
    The goal of the symposium is to discuss the recent progress in the field of nanobiotechnologies. The topics will cover the following areas:
    a. Synthesis of nanomaterials for bio-applications;
    b. Labeling of cells and microorganism with nanomaterials;
    c. Drug delivery with nanoparticles;
    d. Microfluidic devices;
    e. Microfluidic chip-based technologies;
    f. Bioanalysis within microfluidics;
    g. Detection of tumor and cancer cells with nanomaterials;
    h. New concepts for the detection and delivery of nanomaterials into living cells.

Contact: Dr. Polina Mladenova,

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