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The Section Hematology of Current Oncology welcomes contemporary clinical, translational, and basic original research studies as well as review articles focusing on the treatment and diagnosis of hemato-oncological neoplasms—i.e., lymphomas, plasma cell disorders, chronic myeloid disorders (MDS, CMML, CML, MPNs), and acute leukemias. In particular, the journal welcomes articles on novel immunotherapeutic or targeted therapy approaches, and is interested in aspects of personalized therapeutic concepts. This refers to established therapeutic concepts as well as the development of new therapeutic strategies. Established and novel cellular therapies may also be considered.

Topics of interest in the fields of hematology and hemato-oncology:

  • Clinical trials and registry-based studies as well as real-world studies;
  • Pharmaco- and immunotherapeutic approaches;
  • Review articles on treatment algorithms;
  • Translational studies in the field of hematology and hemato-oncology;
  • Basic research studies including preclinical animal model studies;
  • Prognostication and outcome research;
  • Personalized treatment concepts;
  • Developments of diagnostics and their interaction with therapy;
  • Education activities.

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