19 May 2023
2023 International Day for Biological Diversity

The International Day for Biological Diversity will be celebrated on 22 May 2023, under the theme “From Agreement to Action: Build Back Biodiversity”, which aims to raise awareness and understanding of biodiversity issues. Biodiversity refers to the diversity of all life forms on Earth, including genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity. Biological diversity resources are the pillars upon which we build civilizations; however, the loss of biodiversity threatens everything, including our health. We hope that the established MDPI journals on life sciences and biology, including Biology, Diversity, Fishes, Birds, Insects, Water, Forests, Grasses, Life, Seeds, Agriculture, and Agronomy, will provide suitable communication platforms. The aim is to strengthen scientific cooperation in response to the International Day for Biological Diversity and to embrace the potential to promote sustainable development.

Avifaunal Diversity and Abundance in the Proposed Sarasalai Mangrove Reserve, Jaffna, Sri Lanka”
by Nitharsan Aloysius, Shashi Madhushanka and Chathuri Chandrika
Birds 2023, 4(1), 103-116;

Perils of Underestimating Species Diversity: Revisiting Systematics of Psammocambeva Catfishes (Siluriformes: Trichomycteridae) from the Rio Paraíba do Sul Basin, South-Eastern Brazil
by Wilson J. E. M. Costa, José Leonardo Mattos, Paulo J. Vilardo, Pedro F. Amorim and Axel M. Katz
Taxonomy 2022, 2(4), 491-523;

Environmental DNA Metabarcoding: A Novel Contrivance for Documenting Terrestrial Biodiversity
by Shahnawaz Hassan, Sabreena, Peter Poczai, Bashir Ah Ganai, Waleed Hassan Almalki, Abdul Gafur and R. Z. Sayyed
Biology 2022, 11(9), 1297;

Dam Construction Impacts Fish Biodiversity in a Subtropical River Network, China
by Xiongjun Liu, Julian D. Olden, Ruiwen Wu, Shan Ouyang and Xiaoping Wu
Diversity 2022, 14(6), 476;

Human Communities in Protected Natural Areas and Biodiversity Conservation
by Elizabeth Olmos-Martínez, Heidi Leticia Romero-Schmidt, María del Carmen Blázquez, Camilo Arias-González and Alfredo Ortega-Rubio
Diversity 2022, 14(6), 441;

Effects of Habitat Fragmentation on the Population Structure and Genetic Diversity of Erythroneurini in the Typical Karst Rocky Ecosystem, Southwest China”
by Chen Xiaoxiao, Jia Jiang, Ni Zhang, Xiao Yang, Yongkuan Chi and Yuehua Song
Insects 2022, 13(6), 499;

Application of Ecological Restoration Technologies for the Improvement of Biodiversity and Ecosystem in the River”
by Li Pushuang, Dan Li, Xiaoqing Sun, Zhaosheng Chu, Ting Xia and Binghui Zheng
Water 2022, 14(9), 1402;

Conservation-Status Gaps for Marine Top-Fished Commercial Species
by Imanol Miqueleiz, Rafael Miranda, Arturo Hugo Ariño and Elena Ojea
Fishes 2022, 7(1), 2;

Special Issue: “Elasmobranch Biodiversity, Conservation and Management
Edited by: Dr. Fabrizio Serena and Dr. Fabio Fiorentino
Special Issue: “Systematics, Evolution, and Diversity of Dance Flies (Diptera, Empidoidea)
Edited by: Dr. Christophe Daugeron

Special Issue: “Taxonomy, Biodiversity and Ecology of Mediterranean Plants
Edited by: Dr. Saverio Sciandrello, Dr. Carmelo Maria Musarella and Dr. Ricardo Quinto-Canas
Special Issue: “Macro-Ecology, Macro-Evolution and Conservation of Animals and Plants
Edited by: Prof. Dr. Youhua Chen, Prof. Dr. Kaiwen Pan and Prof. Dr. Xiaohong Chen

International Day for Biological Diversity

Date and time: 22 May 2023, 9–11 a.m. (CEST)

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