Locomotion and Bioinspired Robotics

A section of Biomimetics (ISSN 2313-7673).

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This section considers the natural locomotion and motility of organisms and the biomimetics of nature-like machines exemplified by insect-like robots, fish-like underwater robots, humanoids, intelligent vehicles, and more. Especially, contributions devoted to new designs of intelligent motion systems at multi-scales are welcomed. Functional materials and composites made of polymers, liquids, and particles, compliant structures with conformal form factors and large deformations, and dynamic systems interacting with humans and nature will enable future machines to be physically robust and intelligent. Biologically inspired mechanically and biologically programmable materials and mechanics are of strong interest for future intelligent motion systems. Biological intelligence that is present in shapes, structures, mechanisms, processes, and interactions in nature may provide strong and unique inspiration and guidelines in order to explore and to realize nature-like machines.

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