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Upcoming MDPI Conferences (2)

1–15 November 2023 The 2nd International Online Conference on Agriculture—Research Achievements and Challenges (IOCAG2023)


We are pleased to announce and invite you to join the 2nd International Online Conference on Agriculture (IOCAG2023). This e-conference is organized by Agriculture (ISSN: 2077-0472, Impact Factor: 3.408 (2021)), a peer-reviewed and open access international journal of MDPI. IOCAG2023 will be held online at from 1 to 15 November 2023. Participation in and attendance of IOCAG2023 will be free of charge.

This conference will provide an online open forum for agricultural scientists and engineers to discuss these challenges and share their latest research achievements in agricultural science as well as technology. The topics of the conference will be organized around the following sessions:

   S1. Ecosystem, Environment and Climate Change in Agriculture;
   S2. Agricultural Systems and Management;
   S3. Agricultural Soils;
   S4. From Field to Consumers: Challenges and Approaches to High-Quality Agricultural Products;
   S5. Agricultural Water Management;
   S6. Artificial Intelligence for Advanced Analyses in Agriculture;
   S7. Breeding for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification in a Changing World;
   S8. Agricultural Economics, Policies and Rural Management;
   S9. Crop Production;
   S10. Poster Session.

After the conference, all submissions will be published on Only proceedings papers (3–6 pages) will be published in the MDPI journal Biology and Life Sciences Forum (ISSN: 2673-9976). The publication of proceedings papers is free of charge. In addition, all participants will be encouraged to submit a full paper to one dedicated Special Issue in Agriculture with a 20% discount on the Article Processing Charge (APC).

We look forward to your participation in this exciting event.

To find out more about the conference, please visit the following link:

15–17 January 2024 The 3rd International Electronic Conference on Plant Sciences (IECPS 2024)


Dear scientists, researchers and authors,

It is our pleasure to announce that the 3rd International Electronic Conference on Plant Sciences (IECPS 2024), chaired by Prof. Dr. Adriano Sofo, will be held on from 15 to 17 January 2024.

This conference aims to provide leading scientists working in the field of plants with a robust common platform in which to share and discuss their latest research and to promote the advancement of this exciting and rapidly changing field. We hope to encourage discovery across the discipline as we cover the following eight themes in sessions, as listed below:

SESSION A. Plant Physiology Signaling and Communication
SESSION B. Plant Ecology, Biodiversity and Developmental Biology
SESSION C. Plant Response to Stresses and Changing Environment
SESSION D. Phytochemistry, Phytoremediation and Plants in Urban Ecosystems
SESSION E. Plant Nutrition and Plant Soil–Microorganism Interactions
SESSION F. Plant Molecular Biology and Plant Genetics, Genomics and Biotechnology
SESSION G. Plant Modeling and Bioinformatics
SESSION H. Plant Ecosystem Services and Public Outreach

During the 3-day event, participants will have the opportunity to present short talks on their work and engage in stimulating discussions. Please submit your abstract before 1st September 2023 in the section “Submit Abstract” and do not miss this chance to win our Best Oral Presentation Award (CHF 500) and Best Poster Award (CHF 500). Authors will be selected to deliver an oral presentation of 10-12 minutes or 5 minutes if it is a poster that they are presenting. You can find out more information about registration fees at

For information about the procedure for the submission, peer review, revision and acceptance of conference proceedings papers, please refer to the section "Instructions for Authors".

Abstract Submission Deadline: 1st September 2023
Notification of Acceptance Deadline: 30th September 2023
Early Bird Registration Deadline: 20th November 2023
Conference: 15‒17 January 2024

We look forward to receiving your abstracts and welcoming you to this e-conference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Upcoming Partner Conferences (2)

8–10 June 2023 11th International Conference on Thermal Equipment, Renewable Energy and Rural Development (TE-RE-RD 2023)

Bucharest, Romania

TE-RE-RD is an international pluridisciplinary conference aimed at being a forum for information exchange between scientists from academic, research and development communities around the world on topics related to thermal machines and equipment and technologies, equipment, technologies and policies for rural development, renewable energy sources conversion and other technical domains.

Another target of the conference is to offer the young people involved in research activities (PhD, master, and regular students) the opportunity to disseminate their work results and learn from experimented scientists.

We also welcome people and entities from industry, agriculture, administration, trade, politics and media who want to cooperate with academic and R&D organizations in the fields of the conference.

15–30 October 2023 The 3rd International Electronic Conference on Agronomy


We are pleased to announce that the 3rd international electronic conference on agronomy (IECAG2023), chaired by Dr. Gianni Bellocchi, will be held online from 15 to 30 October 2023 at

IECAG2023 aims to provide leading scientists working in selected fields with a robust common platform on which to share and discuss the latest research and promote the advancement of exciting and rapidly changing research. Such fields include genetic erosion, rural engineering, grassland-based livestock farming, agricultural digitalisation, agrobiodiversity, post-harvest technology, quality breeding, plant growth promoters, and service crops. This online conference will make your presentation accessible to hundreds of researchers worldwide, with active engagement of the audience in question-and-answer sessions and discussion groups that will take place online.

The conference has been divided into seven themes. Please submit your articles as soon as possible, indicating which theme best fits your submission.

S1. Disease, pest, and weed control in sustainable agriculture;
S2. Agro-ecology innovation to re-invent cropping and grazing systems;
S3. Improving nutrient- and water-use efficiencies;
S4. Digital farming for the evolution of agriculture and agricultural engineering;
S5. Plant breeding, genetics, genomics, and biotechnology;
S6. Horticultural and floricultural crops;
S7. Poster session.

During the conference, you can upload papers, posters, and presentations (including videos), comment on other presentations, and engage with fellow scholars in real-time. In this way, the conference offers a novel opportunity to exchange opinions and views within the scholarly community and to discuss the papers and latest research in a discussion forum.

We hope you will be able to join this exciting event, which is organized and sponsored by MDPI, a scholarly open access publisher (, and the journal Agronomy (ISSN: 2073-4395, Impact Factor 3.949 (2021)).

Paper Submission Guidelines:

All accepted proceedings papers will be published in one dedicated volume in the MDPI Proceedings journal Biology and Life Sciences Forum (ISSN: 2673-9976). The publication of proceedings papers is free of charge.

For more information about the procedure for submission, peer review, revision, and acceptance of conference proceedings papers, please refer to the section “Instructions for Authors” at

Abstract Submission Deadline: 10 July 2023
Abstract Notification Deadline: 31 July 2023
Full Paper Submission Deadline: 28 August 2023
Conference Time: from 15 to 30 October 2023

We look forward to receiving your research papers and welcoming you to the 3rd edition of the e-conference.

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