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Statement of Peer Review
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Statement of Peer Review †

Diane Ashiru-Oredope
Carry Triggs-Hodge
Jordan Charlesworth
HCAI, Fungal, AMR, AMU & Sepsis Division, UK Health Security Agency, London SW1P 3JR, UK
Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Presented at the ESPAUR 2021/22 Webinar, Antibiotic Guardian, 23 November 2022; Available online:, or presented at the 6th Antibiotic Guardian Shared Learning and Awards, Antibiotic Guardian, 2 May 2023; Available online:
Med. Sci. Forum 2022, 15(1), 21;
Published: 3 November 2023
(This article belongs to the Proceedings of ESPAUR Report Webinar and Antibiotic Guardian Shared Learning Awards)
In submitting conference proceedings to Medical Sciences Forum, the volume editors of the proceedings certify to the publisher that all papers published in this volume have been subjected to peer review administered by the volume editors. Reviews were conducted by expert referees to the professional and scientific standards expected of a proceedings journal.
  • Type of peer review: single-blind.
  • Conference submission management system: email.
  • Number of submissions sent for review: 9 (ESPAUR 2021/22 Webinar); 60 (Antibiotic Guardian Awards).
  • Number of submissions accepted: 8 (ESPAUR 2021/22 Webinar); 12 (Antibiotic Guardian Awards).
  • Number of submissions published: 8 (ESPAUR 2021/22 Webinar); 12 (Antibiotic Guardian Awards).
  • Acceptance rate (number of submissions accepted/number of submissions received): 88.9% (ESPAUR 2021/22 Webinar); 20% (Antibiotic Guardian Awards).
  • Average number of reviews per paper: 1 (ESPAUR 2021/22 Webinar); 3.5 (Antibiotic Guardian Awards).
  • Total number of reviewers involved: 6 (ESPAUR 2021/22 Webinar); 33 (Antibiotic Guardian Awards).
  • Any additional information on the review process can be found below.

1. ESPAUR Report Webinar and Antibiotic Guardian Shared Learning Events

The ESPAUR (English Surveillance Programme for Antimicrobial Utilisation and Resisistance) national annual report 2021–2022 comprises chapters on Antimicrobial resistance, Antimicrobial consumption, Antimicrobial stewardship, NHS England: improvement and assurance schemes, Professional education, training and public engagement, COVID-19 Therapeutics, Research, and Stakeholder Engagement. The report was published online ( (accessed on 24 October 2023)) by UKHSA on 21 November 2022.
UKHSA hosted the ESPAUR 2021-22 Report interactive online webinar on Wednesday 23 November 2022, where a summary of the key findings covering each chapter was presented. Attendees were provided with the opportunity to submit questions prior to the event and during live Q&A sections of the webinar. They were also invited to complete a feedback form after the event. The data were acquired from 1 April 2021 to 31 March 2022. Moreover, the displayed recording and the slide set were uploaded onto the Antibiotic Guardian website ( (accessed on 24 October 2023)).

2. Antibiotic Guardian Shared Learning & Awards Event (AGSLA)

The Antibiotic Guardian Shared Learning and Awards (AGSLA) event was initiated in 2016 to acknowledge, celebrate and share the practical knowledge of healthcare professionals across the UK and abroad in tackling antimicrobial resistance. The 2022/23 AGSLA was opened for entries between 4th July 2022 and 12th September 2022. A total of 60 entries were received across 11 categories, which are summarized below (Table 1).
Each entry was judged as part of the shortlisting process by a minimum of three independent judges. Judges were asked to declare any conflicts of interests at the point of judging—which they did not score. Submissions were scored out of ten against five categories (originality, engagement, success, impact, and future development), ranging from a low (one) to a high (ten) score.
Entries with sufficiently high scores were eligible to be shortlisted for an award (a total of 32) and were offered the opportunity to adapt their award’s entry—based on the judges’ peer review comments—before being submitted to the journal. The entrants were asked to adapt their entry’s wording (as per the judges’ peer review) and submit it via the provided abstract template.

Shortlisting/Judging Panel (Peer Reviewers)

Dr Aaron Brady—Lead Antimicrobial Pharmacist, Belfast Health & Social Care Trust.
Dr Abid Hussain—Consultant Medical Microbiologist, University Hospitals Birmingham.
Ms Amy Jackson—Senior Project Manager, UK Health Security Agency.
Ms Carole Fry—Infection Prevention & Control Lead, UK Health Security Agency.
Mrs Claire Brandish—Anti-Infectives Pharmacist, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust.
Dr Conor Jamieson—Regional AMS Lead, NHS England.
Prof Diane Ashiru-Oredope—National Lead, Antibiotic Guardian campaign and WAAW/EAAD planning group (England); Lead Pharmacist, Antimicrobial Resistance Programme, UK Health Security Agency.
Ms Elizabeth Beech—Regional AMS Lead, NHS England.
Ms Ella Casale—Interim TB/AMR Programme Manager, UKHSA East of England; AMR Programme Officer, UK Health Security Agency.
Dr Emma Budd—Senior Scientist (Epidemiology), UK Health Security Agency.
Ms Eno Umoh—Scientific Coordinator, Imperial College London.
Mrs Fran Garraghan—Antimicrobial stewardship pharmacist, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust.
Ms Fran Husson—Public Partner/Lay Member, English Surveillance Programme for Antimicrobial Utilisation and Resistance.
Prof James Wood—Dean of Cambridge Veterinary School, University of Cambridge.
Mr Jonathan Underhill—Consultant Clinical Adviser—NICE.
Mr Jordan Charlesworth—Programme Manager—COVID-19 Therapeutics Programme, UKHSA.
Dr Julie Robotham—Head of Modelling & Evaluations, UK Health Security Agency.
Ms Katherine Le Bosquet—Lead Pharmacist for Frailty and Elderly Medicine, Medway NHS Foundation Trust.
Dr Lisa Ritchie—Head of Infection Prevention & Control, NHS England.
Dr Louise Dunsmure—Consultant Pharmacist – Antimicrobial Stewardship, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
Dr Mariyam Mirfenderesky—Consultant Medical Microbiologist, UK Health Security Agency.
Mr Michael Corley—Head of Policy & Public Affairs, BSAC.
Dr Musarrat Afza—Consultant in Communicable Disease Control, UK Health Security Agency.
Dr Naomi Fleming—Regional AMS Lead, NHS England.
Mr Peter Boriello—Former Chief Executive, Veterinary Medicines Directorate.
Prof Philip Howard—Regional AMS Lead, NHS England.
Ms Preety Ramdut—Regional AMS Lead, NHS England.
Ms Rita Huyton—Nurse Consultant, UK Health Security Agency.
Ms Rosemary Stevenson—Scientific programme lead, NHS England.
Ms Sejal Parekh—Senior Policy Manager, NHS England.
Prof Tracey Thronley—Head of Clinical Research & Outcomes, Boots UK.
Dr William Welfare—Consultant in Health Protection, UK Health Security Agency.
Dr Yvonne Dailey—Consultant in Dental Public Health, UK Health Security Agency.

Conflicts of Interest

The authors declare no conflict of interest.
Table 1. Summarized entries.
Table 1. Summarized entries.
Award CategoryNumber of
Number of EntriesNumber Shortlisted
Animal Health444
Children & Family511
Community Communications353
COVID-19 Learning533
Diagnostic Stewardship432
Innovation & technology363
Multi-country collaboration332
Prescribing & stewardship7183
Public Engagement475
Das Pillay Antimicrobial Stewardship Memorial Award453
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