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The Sensitivity of Halo Nuclei to the Nuclear Radius

Gazi University, Faculty of Arts and Science, 06500 Teknik Okullar, Ankara, Turkey
Authors to whom correspondence should be addressed.
Math. Comput. Appl. 1999, 4(2), 107-111;
Published: 1 August 1999


β-decay provides important information about the structure of halo nuclei. Because of the root-mean-square radius (Rrms) of the neutron halo distribution is very large, the phase-space factor for halo nuclei must be more sensitively depended on the radius. In this work the sensitivity of the nuclear radius to the phase-space factor was investigated for some halo nuclei and the improvement for phas-space factor for halo nuclei was reported. The results wrere applied to calculate the logft-values for the halo nuclei(6He, 8He, 11Be, 14Be, 9Li, 11Li). The modification proposed shows reasonable results for many casesn/a

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Okuducu, Ş.; Tanır, G.; Şarer, B. The Sensitivity of Halo Nuclei to the Nuclear Radius. Math. Comput. Appl. 1999, 4, 107-111.

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Okuducu Ş, Tanır G, Şarer B. The Sensitivity of Halo Nuclei to the Nuclear Radius. Mathematical and Computational Applications. 1999; 4(2):107-111.

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Okuducu, Şeref, Güneş Tanır, and Başar Şarer. 1999. "The Sensitivity of Halo Nuclei to the Nuclear Radius" Mathematical and Computational Applications 4, no. 2: 107-111.

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