One Theme, Multiple Choices

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From Education and Humanities to Improve Knowledge, Society and the Digital Transformation
edited by , Jordi M. Antolí-Martínez, Antonio Cortijo, , Santiago Mengual Andrés, Elena Sánchez-López, Fabrizio Manuel Sirignano and Alexander López Padrón
submission deadline 7 Mar 2024 | 38 articles | Viewed by 134184
Faith and Sustainable Development: Exploring Practice, Progress and Challenges among Faith Communities and Institutions
edited by , and Ian Christie
submission deadline 1 Jul 2024 | 4 articles | Viewed by 5122 | Submission Open
Participating journals: Social Sciences, Sustainability, World, Religions
Educational and Health Development of Children and Youths submission deadline 1 Dec 2025 | Viewed by 73 | Submission Open
Participating journals: Behavioral Sciences, Religions, Social Sciences
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