9 May 2023
Publications | Recruiting Editorial Board Members

We are happy to announce that we are recruiting Editorial Board Members from different countries for the journal Publications (ISSN: 2304-6775) in order to support its development to a new level.

Publications, covering all aspects of scholarly publication and culture, is an international, peer-reviewed, fully open access journal, published quaterly by MDPI. The journal published its first issue in 2013 and is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

The themes and topics covered by Publications mainly include the following:

  • Theory and practices of scholarly communication;
  • Globalization of research and the advent of open science;
  • Public access to and engagement in scientific research;
  • The social, legal and ethical dimensions of publishing;
  • Digitization and other innovations in scholarly publishing technologies;
  • Financial models and sustainability issues for scholarly publishing;
  • Copyright, licensing and other legal issues in publishing;
  • Issues related to peer review and academic governance practices;
  • Assessment of research and its scientific and societal impact;
  • Reproducibility, research integrity and publication ethics;
  • Critical bibliometric and scientometric studies;
  • The role of research libraries, scholarly societies, funders and others in scholarly communication.

The initial term for Editorial Board membership is for 2 years, which entails the following:

  • Pre-screening and making decisions on new submissions related to your research interests;
  • Providing input or feedback regarding journal policies;
  • Helping to promote the journal among their peers or at conferences;
  • Attending board meetings to suggest journal development strategies;
  • Reviewing manuscripts;
  • Acting as a Guest Editor of a Special Issue related to your research interests or supervise Special Issues related to your research field.

If you are an active researcher in the areas mentioned above or other related areas and would like to work with Publications as an Editorial Board Member, please do not hesitate to get in touch ( You can find more information on our homepage: We look forward to hearing from you.

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