Cancer Biology and Anticancer Therapeutics

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Section Information

This section facilitates the translation of basic cancer biology into cancer therapy, publishing original research articles and reviews covering all the aspects of cancer characteristics in terms of genetic/epigenetic alterations and anti-cancer therapeutics. Papers aim to better understand the vulnerabilities of cancer cells toward the development of innovative anti-cancer drugs and therapeutics. Topics include but are not limited to in vitro, in vivo, and systems biological cancer characteristics, including the Warburg effect, tumor inflammatory microenvironment and cancer stem cells, therapeutic response and resistance, and targeted chemo- and immuno-therapies. Especially, the discovery of novel anti-cancer agents ranging from natural and synthetic compounds to those designed in silico for anti-cancer therapeutics are fundamentally important. Furthermore, the identification and validation of novel therapeutic targets and the evaluation of novel diagnosis markers are included, working towards advancements in the prevention and effective treatment of cancer.

Section Areas

Hot research topics include, but are not limited to the following:

  • New Insights into Cancer Metabolism
  • Proliferation and Apoptosis Cross-Talk Signaling in Cancer
  • Cancer Stem Cells and Therapeutics
  • Cancer and Inflammatory Microenvironment
  • Genomics and Proteomics Studies of Cancer Metastasis and Therapeutic Resistance
  • Targeting Oncogenic Proteins, Transcription Factors, and microRNA for Cancer Therapy
  • Targeting Caner Cell Metabolism for Therapy
  • Anti-Cancer Natural and Synthetic Compounds
  • In Silico Design of Anti-Cancer Agents
  • Mechanisms of Action of Anti-Cancer Agents
  • Antibody–Drug Conjugates for Cancer Therapy
  • New Insights and Challenges in Cancer Treatment
  • Therapy Targets and Biomarkers in Cancer
  • Diagnostics and Therapeutics of Cancer

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