Organometallic Chemistry

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This section publishes original studies in the field of organometallic chemistry, a well-established area of research halfway between inorganic and organic chemistry and focusing on catalysis, organic synthesis, enantioselective reactions, stereochemistry, mechanisms, bioinorganic and materials chemistry.

Special emphasis is placed on the relevance of organometallic chemistry to sustaining a better future. Fundamental studies on mechanicistic and structural aspects, as well as new experimental methods and investigation techniques, the use of organometallics in different application areas including biorganometallic chemistry, biology and medicine, green chemistry (energy and sustainable development), theorethical chemistry, industrial chemistry and polymers production, metal-mediated organic synthesis and the activation of small molecules are well appreciated. Original research articles, reviews, mini reviews, letters and communications on all aspects of organometallic chemistry will be considered for publication in this section.



Alkylidenes, allyl complexes amide-bond formation, amines, anticancer compounds, arylboronics, aryl chlorides, asymetric catalysis, carbenes, C-H activation, C-H bond functionalization, carbonyl complexes, carboranes, catalytic polymerization, copper, coupling reactions, crystal structure, cyclopentadienyls dipolar cycloaddition, gold, Grignard reagents, Heck reaction, hydrides, hydroamination, hydrogenation, hydrosilation, hydrosilylation, hydroxylation, imidazolylidene, intramolecular inserction reactions, lanthanides, ligands, ligands substitution processes, main group metals, metallacycles, metallo-arene, metallocene, nitrogenase, olefins, organolithium, organometallic transition metals, organotin, oxidation, oxidation state, oxidative addition, palladium, phosphorous ligands, photocatalysis, reductive elimination, supramolecular chemistry, zinc.

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