Genealogical Communities: Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Racial, and Multi-National Genealogies

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This Section of Genealogy focuses on rigorous social science scholarship about multiracialism and multiethnicity, including national and religious boundary crossing, in the Americas, Europe and the UK, Asia-Pacific, and in other global contexts. Such studies may also be transnational or transcontinental. The topics may include the conceptualisation of group and individual identities; intersectional analysis of multiracialism or multiethnicity; how language is used in multiethnic and multiracial discourse; mixed racial and ethnic classification methods; mixed categorisation; the location of multiethnicity and multiracialism within national race and ethnic contexts, practices, and projects; political approaches to multiracialism/multiethnicity; the mutability and multidimensionality of mixed race/ethnicity; the transformative potential of mixing with respect to social norms and normative social categories; the relationship between critical multiracial and critical white studies; and local and global systemic injustices and inequalities rooted in systems of racialization.

This Section also includes studies of intermarriage/inter-ethnic and interracial union formation, including the relationship of such unions to social integration and in immigrant and nativity groups; transracial adoption; and the children of mixed unions. Submissions are not limited to the above topic areas which are provided to indicate the general scope of this Section.

Contributions are welcome that are multi- or transdisciplinary; that utilise one or more of a wide range of methodological or analytical approaches, including narrative reviews and other evidence syntheses, qualitative including interview studies, and quantitative studies and survey approaches. Papers may be primarily theoretical or empirically based.


  • mixing
  • mixed
  • mixed race
  • mixed ethnic
  • mixed heritage
  • mixedness
  • multi-ethnic/ity
  • multiracial/ity
  • intermarriage
  • inter-ethnic/racial unions
  • transnational marriage
  • immigration
  • integration
  • mixed couples
  • mixed families
  • transracial adoption
  • multiracial identity
  • ancestry
  • race
  • ethnicity
  • national origins
  • gender
  • class
  • critical mixed race studies (CMRS)
  • whiteness
  • critical white studies
  • systemic racism
  • structural racism
  • racialisation
  • colourism
  • census classifications
  • multiracial categorisation
  • post-racialism
  • intersectional analyses
  • mixed methods

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