Electronic Multimedia

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The Section “Electronic Multimedia” reports on electronic multimedia technology, tools, and applications of electronic multimedia, including but not limited to circuits, networking, signal processing, systems, software, and systems integration.

Subject Areas

Electronic multimedia systems

  • Operating systems, real-time systems, distributed systems, and cyber-physical systems
  • Data systems management and indexing
  • Electronic multimedia scalability and management
  • Electronic multimedia software and systems integration

Electronic multimedia communications

  • Real-time protocols
  • Fog/edge/cloud computing
  • Multimedia streaming, interchange, and transmission
  • Electronics multimedia Internet of Things

Electronic multimedia processing

  • Electronic multimedia compression, coding, and editing
  • Electronic multimedia storage
  • Multisensory experiences
  • Electronic multimedia security, privacy, and rights management

Electronic multimedia applications

  • Healthcare and medicine on multimedia
  • Interactions and quality of experiences
  • Art and culture
  • Multimedia user interfaces
  • Multimedia-based education

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