Analytical Methods, Instrumentation and Miniaturization

A section of Chemosensors (ISSN 2227-9040).

Section Information

The “Analytical Methods, Instrumentation and Miniaturization” section will focus on all aspects of analytical chemistry. This includes fundamental aspects, instrumentation, new developments, innovative and novel methods and applications including food, environmental and clinical field.

The topics including but not limited to the following fields:

(1) Bioanalysis, e.g., biomedical analysis, biomolecular analysis

(2) Chemical analysis

(3) Nanoanalysis

(4) Mass spectrometry

(5) Spectroscopy

(6) Chromatography

(7) Surface and interface analysis

(8) Chemometric

(9) MicroTAS

(10) Electrochemistry

(11) Environmental analysis and monitoring

(12) Food, spices, and beverage analytical methods

(13) Analytical instrumentation, e.g., Analytical microsystems

(14) Cell imaging

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Following special issues within this section are currently open for submissions:

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Following topical collection within this section is currently open for submissions:

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