25 May 2023
Meet Us at the 7th Scientific Meeting of Ph.D. Students (JPhD2023), 7–9 June 2023, Barcelona, Spain

MDPI will be presenting at the 7th Scientific Meeting of Ph.D. Students at the UAB campus (JPhD2023). The event will be held at the Sala d'Actes Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona in Barcelona, Spain, from 7 to 9 June 2023.

JPhD2023 aims to facilitate the exchange of knowledge about scientific research from different fields, sharing of research works and communication among the Ph.D. students of the BNC-b in an academic and scientific environment.

MDPI Speaker

Dr. Gabriel Martínez Edo

Dr. Gabriel Martínez Edo
Presentation theme: MDPI Open Access & Peer Review Process 

Dr. Gabriel Martínez Edo holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry (2013) and a master’s degree in pharmaceutical chemistry (2015) from the IQS school of Engineering, Universitat Ramon Llull (Barcelona, Spain). He completed his Ph.D. (2020) in chemistry and chemical engineering at the same institution focusing on the use of nanomaterials as drug delivery systems.

He joined MDPI in June 2020 as Assistant Editor and Section Managing Editor for the journal Nanomaterials. In 2021, he was appointed Managing Editor of the journal Nanomanufacturing, a position he held until his recent appointment as Journal Relations Specialist.  

If you are also attending this conference, please feel free to stop by our booth. Our delegates look forward to meeting you in person to answer any questions you may have. For more information about the conference, please visit: https://jphd.icmab.es/.

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