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Enabling Computing Techniques for Wide-Area Power System Applications submission deadline 30 Jun 2023 | 3 articles | Viewed by 3791
Participating journals: Applied Sciences, Electronics, Energies, Processes, Systems
Digital Technologies for Urban Resilience
edited by and Hyungon Kim
submission deadline 31 Dec 2023 | 4 articles | Viewed by 7571
Energy Systems Planning, Operation and Optimization in Net-Zero Emissions
edited by Jen-Hao Teng, Kin-Cheong Sou, and
submission deadline 15 Jan 2024 | 20 articles | Viewed by 31397
Participating journals: Electricity, Energies, Mathematics, Sustainability, Systems
Advances in Renewable Energy Technologies and Systems Solutions
edited by , Adam Warren and
submission deadline 31 Jan 2024 | 34 articles | Viewed by 49769
Participating journals: Sustainability, Energies, Wind, Applied Sciences, Systems
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