One Theme, Multiple Choices

MDPI Topics

Interdisciplinary Approaches to Sports in the 21st Century
edited by and Zbigniew Norbert Piepiora
submission deadline 31 Dec 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 666 | Submission Open
The Role of Forensic Psychology in Police, Clinical and Investigative Areas
edited by and Amparo Díaz-Román
submission deadline 31 Mar 2025 | Viewed by 43 | Submission Open
Artificial Intelligence in Early Childhood Education submission deadline 1 Apr 2025 | Viewed by 1735 | Submission Open
Participating journals: Children, Education Sciences, Sustainability
Risk and Protective Factors in Social Interactions: Behavioral and Neural Evidence
edited by , and Liyang Sai
submission deadline 1 Aug 2025 | Viewed by 469 | Submission Open
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