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Department of Otolaryngology, Permanent Temporal bone Lab, University Hospital of Perugia, 06129 Perugia, Italy
Department of Radiology, Oncology, and Anatomopathological Science, Sapienza University of Rome, 00161 Rome, Italy
Multiple Sclerosis Center, Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI 48201, USA

Multiple Sclerosis: New Mechanism and Insights into Clinical Signs, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Dear Colleagues,

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic, progressive inflammatory and neurodegenerative disease that affects young people, usually in their most productive years. The identification of new diagnostic methodologies and innovative treatments can be important to reduce the risk of disability.

MS symptoms are due to lesions in the brain and/or spinal cord. They can be multiple and significantly different between patients. Of great interest are the otolaryngological symptoms, including but not limited to vertigo, hearing loss, dysphonia, dysphagia. These symptoms are usually underreported and underestimated. Monitoring the hearing impairment in MS patients might be useful to identify relapses in early phase. Additionally, speech, language and swallowing disorders are worse in the relapsing phases of the disease; for this reason, monitoring them can lead to early detection of relapses.

In this Special issue, we welcome manuscripts addressing the wide range of audiovestibular symptoms in relation to MS. Of special interest are specific markers, high-quality radiological investigations and electrophysiological tests that could be very useful to improve MS diagnosis and monitor the disease.

This Special Issue aims to address all clinical and diagnostic innovations used in the early detection and treatment of MS-related otolaryngological symptoms.

Dr. Arianna Di Stadio
Dr. Daniela Messineo
Dr. Evanthia Bernitsas
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  • multiple sclerosis
  • symptoms
  • diagnosis
  • treatment
  • innovation

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