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Water Research Institute (IRSA), National Research Council (CNR), Via F. de Blasio 5, 70132 Bari, Italy
Water Research Institute (IRSA), National Research Council (CNR), Via F. de Blasio 5, 70132 Bari, Italy

New Research on Waste Treatment, Disposal and Valorization

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31 January 2025
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31 March 2025
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Dear Colleagues,

Increasingly tighter regulations regarding organic waste and the ever higher demand for renewable chemicals and fuels due to exponential population growth, industrialization and climate change render the management of waste resources to meet global demand more and more challenging. Wastewater, waste plastic, waste food, agricultural waste and carbon dioxide are only a few examples from the field of waste that require effective strategies for their management and valorization to improve cost-effectiveness and meet customers’ demands. The development of environmentally sound, innovative strategies to process waste from different industrial origins is an area of increasing importance in current research. There are two ways to deal with waste generation: the principles and strategies of the circular economy and sustainable development. Much research has been carried out on disposing and decomposing waste as well as on valorization using novel technologies to generate valuable products such as fuels and useful organic chemicals (via biorefinery or white biotechnology). This Topic, titled “New Research on Waste Treatment, Disposal and Valorization", will collect original research papers, reviews and short communications reflecting the state of the art and future applications in this field, with particular emphasis on their application at both laboratory and industrial scales. 

Dr. Antonella Angelini
Dr. Carlo Pastore
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  • waste management
  • environment
  • biorefinery
  • circular economy
  • sustainability

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