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2nd Medical Department, Iuliu Haţieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, 400003 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Dr. Mihaela Fadgyas Stanculete
Department of Neurosciences, Psychiatry, Iuliu Haţieganu University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Str. Victor Babes 43, 00012 Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Prof. Dr. Carsten Leue
Department of Psychiatry and Psychology, Maastricht University Medical Centre, P.O. Box 5800, NL-6202 AZ Maastricht,The Netherlands


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Dear Colleagues,

Psychogastroenterology is a relatively new field of gastroenterology, representing an intersection with neurosciences. It developed its own identity and evolved as a consequence of increasing awareness of the need for a biopsychosocial approach to digestive diseases. The interaction between the brain and the gut via pathways involving the nervous system with all its components, the endocrine system, the immune system and microbiota is being increasingly investigated. The impact of psychosocial factors and stress on chronic gastrointestinal symptoms is well known, and an increasing amount of evidence-based data have been accumulated. On the other hand, chronic symptoms, typical in chronic gastrointestinal pathology, cause and are associated with emotional, behavioural and cognitive alterations. The typical field of study for psychogastroenterology is disorders of the gut–brain interaction (formerly called functional gastrointestinal disorders). However, in a broader sense, psychogastroenterology is also relevant for other conditions where both somatic and psychological changes are involved: inflammatory bowel disease, gastroesophageal reflux disease and non-alcoholic liver disease. Psychological therapy is very important in these pathological conditions. All these aspects concerning the gastrointestinal and nervous systems warrant further investigation in the interest of patients.

Prof. Dr. Dan L Dumitrascu
Dr. Mihaela Fadgyas Stanculete
Prof. Dr. Carsten Leue
Topic Editors


  • disorders of the gut–brain interaction
  • microbiota and the nervous system
  • psychological aspects of chronic digestive diseases
  • quality of life in digestive diseases
  • digestive pathology of psychiatric patients
  • psychiatric pathology in gastrointestinal disorders
  • psychological therapy in digestive pathology
  • neuromodulators in the therapy of digestive pathology

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