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School of Planning, Design and Construction, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824, USA
Dr. Eva Kassens-Noor
Institute of Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering; Technical University of Darmstadt Otto Berndt Strasse 2, 64287 Darmstadt, Germany

Disruption: The Sustainable Urban Planning Response to Technology, Pandemic, and Climate Change

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Dear Colleagues,

Change and disruption are characteristic of most societies and occur when a new or different way of thinking or doing creates ripple effects through society. Civilizations respond to change caused by new ideas, technologies, or environmental conditions that present opportunities or require adaptation for survival. The Industrial Revolution brought massive change that affected how and where people lived and worked, ultimately spurring rapid urbanization. The use of energy from that revolution also initiat-ed climate change and the disruptions of the Anthropocene. Each year brings new technologies and en-vironmental challenges that, in turn, affect daily life. And as lives change, so does the planning of cities and communities to harness, ameliorate, and manage the new parameters of living. This Special Issue explores how communities plan for some of the disruptive changes anticipated or currently experienced, prompted by new technologies (the Internet, autonomous systems, artificial intel-ligence), pandemics and wellbeing (COVID-19, food security, obesity), and climate change (global warming, disaster management, resiliency). Each of these forces impact citizens' lives unevenly, de-pending on location, race, and income, ultimately influencing the quality of life and the planning of cit-ies. We welcome articles that explore the ways that cities may be affected by disruptive forces, identify threats to urban living, or offer a sustainable response to technological, health, and environmental change. Topic Editors

Prof. Dr. Mark Wilson
Dr. Eva Kassens-Noor
Topic Editors


  • disrputive technologies
  • technological change
  • climate change
  • urban adaptation
  • sustainability
  • urban resilience
  • autonomous systems
  • artificial intelligence
  • food security
  • pandemics

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International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
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3.889 5.0 2009 17.7 Days 2200 CHF
Urban Science
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