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Prof. Dr. Xiaoming Zou
Department of Environmental Sciences, College of Natural Sciences, University of Puerto Rico, P.O. Box 70377, San Juan, PR 00936-8377, USA
College of Biology and the Environment, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing 210037, China

Climate and Substrate Control on Decomposition across Temperate and Tropical Forests

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Dear Colleagues,

Climate and substrate quality together influence soil biological activity and control plant litter decomposition. While global temperature rises, substrate quality is expected to decrease. How the increased temperature and decreased substrate quality may jointly affect the decomposition of plant and soil organic carbon has become a new challenge for ecologists and forest managers. Furthermore, biological interactions are hypothesized to play a more important role in decomposition in tropical ecosystems than in temperate ecosystems. Will global temperature warming and substrate quality reduction alter biological interactions in litter decomposition across temperate and tropical forests? The aims of this Topic issue of Forests is to bring together studies disentangling the relative role of climate/microclimate and substrate on litter decomposition in forest ecosystems and to elucidate differences in biological interactions between temperate and tropical forests. Potential topics for papers include but are not limited to:

  • Litter decomposition addressing substrate quality and climate/microclimate controls in all forest ecosystems;
  • Soil heterotrophic respiration addressing substrate quality and climate/microclimate controls in all forest ecosystems;
  • Climate control emphasizing either temperature or precipitation and their annual dynamics;
  • Microclimate controls related to land-use changes and alteration of forest communities;
  • Data on soil biota and biological interactions.

Prof. Dr. Xiaoming Zou
Prof. Dr. Honghua Ruan
Topic Editors


  • litter decomposition
  • Q10
  • soil biota
  • soil heterotrophic respiration
  • soil fauna
  • soil microbes
  • temperate forest
  • tropical forest

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