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Department of Supply Chain Management, International Hellenic University, 60100 Katerini, Greece
Institute for Bio-Economy and Agri-Technology (iBO), Centre for Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH), 38333 Volos, Greece
Department of Supply Chain Management, International Hellenic University, 60100 Katerini, Greece

Circular Economy and Digital Technologies in Agriculture

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31 December 2023
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Dear Colleagues,

As one of the largest industries in the modern world, employing over a billion people around the globe and generating food worth over a trillion dollars, agriculture represents one of the major burdens to the natural environment. Moreover, agriproduction is steadily increasing so as to satisfy the needs of a constantly growing global population with continually higher nutrient needs per capita. In this context, low-impact farming techniques and agricultural strategies are critical toward carbon neutrality and sustainability. To that end, circular agricultural practices become increasingly urgent. Late technological advancements in Information and Communication Technologies and their introduction in agriculture probably represent a major challenge in efficient resource management. The Internet of Things, use of sensors, robotics, automation, deep learning or machine learning methodologies, and the overall digitization of agriculture appear to constitute the future in agrifood production. The present Special Issue aims to contribute to the circular economy agenda in the field of agriculture. In this light, we invite papers on innovative technical developments, reviews, case studies, and analytical, as well as assessment, papers from different disciplines, which are relevant to all different aspects related to digital agriculture within the fields of primary agricultural production, agrifood production, and supply chain management.

Dr. Charisios Achillas
Prof. Dr. Dionysis Bochtis
Prof. Dr. Dimitrios Aidonis
Topic Editors


  • IoT
  • digital farming
  • precision farming
  • robotics
  • automation
  • remote sensing
  • big data
  • circular economy
  • bioeconomy

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