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It was not our first experience of publishing in a MDPI journal, among them - second publication in Antioxidants, and our impression of the whole process was always positive. [...] Read more.

I am very happy and satisfied to publish with Antioxidants research journal. There is very good scope to choose the appropriate journal from a variety of journals. I appreciate the [...] Read more.

This was my first time publishing a paper in Antioxidants. It was a great experience starting from the submission which was very ease, peer-review process and speed of publication. [...] Read more.

Being a highly reputable publisher, I always prefer to work with MDPI. My association with the different journals of MDPI is since 2020, where I am serving as the Guest [...] Read more.

This was my second paper published in Antioxidants, and it took only 24 days from submission to publication. I was very grateful to the editors, reviewers and publishing staff [...] Read more.

It was a pleasure to publish our work in Antioxidants. The whole process was smooth, transparent and timely. Overall a very professional team that I highly recommend. Thanks for [...] Read more.

In the process of revising the paper, we appreciate you repeatedly extending the deadline so that we have enough time to revise the paper. We also appreciate the final proofreading [...] Read more.

I greatly appreciated the service provided by MDPI throughout the article-processing time. A unique assistant editor is assigned for each article to help the authors efficiently. All of the responses [...] Read more.

Our article on virus detection with a nanoprobe has been published online in Biosensors, a journal affiliated with MDPI. We were pleased to see that the reviewers from Biosensors [...] Read more.

I have published more than 100 scientific articles, but the speed and quality of the review and action of the editorial team in MDPI are unbelievable. There is a vibrant [...] Read more.

My experience of communicating with the staff at MDPI was positive. The reviews came quickly, were specific, and allowed me to improve the quality of the articles. The editors also [...] Read more.

It was a positive experience to publish a paper in Antioxidants. This was our first time publishing a paper in Antioxidants. The reviewers’ comments and the assistant editor’s [...] Read more.

A professional, fair, open peer-review process was conducted in a reasonable timeframe by three expert reviewers, coordinated by the academic editor. The suggestions received during the process were useful in [...] Read more.

The online submission system was straightforward and the review process took nearly two weeks. The two reviewers provided us with valuable feedback and professional advice/comments, which led to an improvement [...] Read more.

Publishing with Algorithms was a very smooth process, from the first draft to the final published manuscript. My interactions with the staff have all been positive and I have received [...] Read more.

My experience has been excellent. The SI Managing Editor has kept in close contact with me, keeping an eye on each step and giving immediate notice of each process. The [...] Read more.

This experience was really interesting, and can promote researchers to open their minds and to create new possible work collaborations. The editorial staff provided excellent assistance to the Guest Editors [...] Read more.

Communication with the Assistant Editor was perfect: fast, reliable, and valuable. Everything is excellently organized; the Guest Editor only needs to carry out the professional/scientific role, enabling focus on the [...] Read more.

It is very advantageous and pleasant to collaborate with MDPI. There is always great organization, strict adherence to deadlines, and the highest corporate requirements for editorial work. Special Issues contribute [...] Read more.

My personal experience is very positive. I interacted with professional people who assisted me in all phases of the preparation of the Special Issue. It is definitely an experience that [...] Read more.

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