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World publishes Special Issues to create collections of papers on specific topics, with the aim of building a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors, who are experts on the topic. The journal’s Editor-in-Chief and/or designated EBM will oversee Guest Editor appointments and Special Issue proposals, checking their content for relevance and ensuring the suitability of the material for the journal. The papers published in a Special Issue will be collected and displayed on a dedicated page of the journal’s website. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Re-imagining Power: A Holistic Examination of Renewable Energy Advancement within Socioeconomic Contexts
edited by
submission deadline 31 May 2024 | Viewed by 310 | Submission Open
Keywords: renewable energy technologies; socioeconomic implications; interdisciplinary energy studies; power paradigms; environmental economics; global energy policy; social acceptance of renewable energy; market adaptation; technological progress; holistic energy approaches
The Transition to Sustainable Health and Development: Economic, Policy and Society
edited by and
submission deadline 2 Aug 2024 | Viewed by 387 | Submission Open
Keywords: climate change; education for sustainable development; food security; green education; green environment; green initiatives; chemical pollution; sustainability; sustainable health; sustainable society; systems
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management: Highlighting the Role of Context
edited by Leo-Paul Dana and
submission deadline 31 Oct 2024 | 2 articles | Viewed by 3288 | Submission Open
Keywords: entrepreneurship; innovation management; context
Data-Driven Strategic Approaches to Public Management
edited by Sotirios Bersimis, and
submission deadline 30 Nov 2024 | Viewed by 161 | Submission Open
Keywords: data-driven strategic approaches; public management; public health; public sector efficiency; data analytics; statistical learning; artificial intelligence; sustainability
The Role of Green Finance in Economic Development
edited by Felicia Hui Ling Chong and Christophe Schinckus
submission deadline 31 Dec 2024 | Viewed by 54 | Submission Open
Keywords: green finance; economic development; sustainable growth; environmental economics; financial innovation; policy analysis; market mechanisms; economic theories
Enhancing Community Wellbeing: Innovations in Sustainable Urban Planning and Built Environments submission deadline 31 May 2025 | Viewed by 24 | Submission Open
Keywords: retrofit technology; healthy building; innovative renovation; sustainable renovation; occupant wellbeing; building renovation; neighborhood renovation
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