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Most Cited & Viewed Papers

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A Comparative Review of Alternative Fuels for the Maritime Sector: Economic, Technology, and Policy Challenges for Clean Energy Implementation
by Yifan Wang and Laurence A. Wright
Have International Sanctions Impacted Iran’s Environment?
by Kaveh Madani
Life Cycle Assessment under Uncertainty: A Scoping Review
by Zahir Barahmand and Marianne S. Eikeland
Global Future: Low-Carbon Economy or High-Carbon Economy?
by Diosey Ramon Lugo-Morin
Globalization Impact on Multinational Enterprises
by Justine Kyove, Katerina Streltsova, Ufuoma Odibo and Giuseppe T. Cirella
Lessons from Globalization and the COVID-19 Pandemic for Economic, Environmental and Social Policy
by Bianca Blum and Bernhard K. J. Neumärker
The Impact of Energy Transition on the Geopolitical Importance of Oil-Exporting Countries
by Mohsen Salimi and Majid Amidpour
Framework for Establishing a Sustainable Medical Facility: A Case Study of Medical Tourism in Jordan
by Durgham Darwazeh, Amelia Clarke and Jeffrey Wilson
Social Innovation: The Promise and the Reality in Marginalised Rural Areas in Europe
by Bill Slee, Robert Lukesch and Elisa Ravazzoli
From Policy Promises to Result through Innovation in African Agriculture?
by Ruth Haug, Susan Nchimbi-Msolla, Alice Murage, Mokhele Moeletsi, Mufunanji Magalasi, Mupenzi Mutimura, Feyisa Hundessa, Luca Cacchiarelli and Ola T. Westengen
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