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Waste runs special issues to create collections of papers on specific topics. The aim is to build a community of authors and readers to discuss the latest research and develop new ideas and research directions. Special Issues are led by Guest Editors who are experts in the subject and oversee the editorial process for papers. Papers published in a Special Issue will be collected together on a dedicated page of the journal website. For any inquiries related to a Special Issue, please contact the Editorial Office.

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Agri-Food Wastes and Biomass Valorization submission deadline 31 Oct 2023 | 11 articles | Viewed by 14353 | Submission Open
Keywords: agri-food wastes; antioxidants; bioactive compounds; biomass; biorefinery; by-products; green extraction; health potentials; polyphenols; valorization
Conversion and Gasification of Gaseous, Liquid and Solid Organic Wastes submission deadline 31 Oct 2023 | 3 articles | Viewed by 7643 | Submission Open
Keywords: organic waste; conversion; pyrolysis; gasification
New Trends in Liquid and Solid Effluent Treatment submission deadline 31 Dec 2023 | 2 articles | Viewed by 1648 | Submission Open
Keywords: domestic/urban wastewater; industrial wastewater; solid residue; waste separation technologies; waste transformation process; waste management; waste reduction; composting; chemical oxidation; biochemical reactions; microorganisms; valorization; reutilization; biofuels; energy generation; new products; waste legislation
Solid Waste Management and Environmental Protection
edited by and Sarat Das Kumar
submission deadline 31 Jan 2024 | 2 articles | Viewed by 1935 | Submission Open
Keywords: solid waste; waste management issues; sustainability; zero waste; circular economy; waste treatment; resource recycling; waste to energy; policy making; life-cycle analysis
Conversion of Fruit and Vegetable Waste into Sustainable and Value-Added Materials submission deadline 31 Jan 2024 | 1 articles | Viewed by 1237 | Submission Open
Keywords: vegetable waste; food waste; eco-friendly technology; circular economy; biofuel; packaging; fertilizer; composting; medical applications
Sustainability in the Food Industry submission deadline 31 Mar 2024 | Viewed by 297 | Submission Open
Keywords: sustainability; food industry; food waste; food loss; life cycle assessment; sustainable development goals
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