Therapeutic Vaccines and Antibody Therapeutics

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Acting in accordance with the overall aims of the journal, the Section titled “Therapeutic Vaccines and Antibody Therapeutics” publishes original research and review articles related to all aspects of therapeutic interventions based on active vaccination or antibody therapies. The aim of this section is to focus on publications on chronic infections as well as any other infectious or non-infectious disease that may be treated therapeutically by means of monoclonal antibodies and/or vaccination. All published studies are subject to peer review prior to acceptance by the editors of this Section and must meet the ethical and peer-review standards set by the journal.


This Section covers all topics relevant to the design and development of novel therapeutics based on vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. We intend to broadly cover basic research on those therapeutics as well as translational research, ranging from preclinical to clinical development. A special focus will be on novel therapeutics and therapeutics with a novel mechanism of action, bridging basic and translational research. It is an explicit desire to broaden the field of therapeutic vaccination and not only focus on infectious diseases. Indeed, vaccination against non-communable diseases such as neurodegeneration, chronic inflammation and cancer are explicitly areas of interest. While human therapeutics will be in the spotlight, manuscripts on animal therapeutics, in particular those for companion animals, are also welcome. Peer review is conducted by a specialized panel for all papers submitted. This panel may include vaccinologists, immunologists, virologists, as well as scientists specialized in the addressed therapeutic area. Other experts, as necessitated by the particular article submitted, will also be asked for peer-review advice.


  • chronic infection
  • neurodegenration
  • chronic inflammation
  • cancer
  • therapy

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