Attenuated/Inactivated/Live and Vectored Vaccines

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The aim of the section “Attenuated/Inactivated/Live and Vectored” is to describe current experimental and conceptual advances in the design, development, processing and manufacturing of safe, efficient and cost-effective vaccines. 


We will consider manuscripts investigating cell culture produced attenuated/inactivated/live and particularly vectored vaccines design, processing, manufacturing and formulation for global delivery. Studies on mechanism of protection and immunological responses to this class of candidate vaccines as well as evaluation of safety, immunogenicity and protection in animals and humans will be considered. Advances in formulation to support non-invasive delivery modes of attenuated/inactivated/live and vectored vaccines to improve their safety and delivery contributing to broader availability remain important quality attributes of this class of vaccines. The section will publish different types of manuscripts, including short definitive reports, full-size papers, and reviews. All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review.

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