Hepatitis Virus Vaccines

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The aim of the Section "Hepatitis Virus Vaccines” is to describe current experimental and conceptual advances in the development and use of hepatitis virus vaccines as well as toward understanding the interaction between hepatitis viruses and the human host. 


We will consider manuscripts related to the development of vaccines and immunotherapy treatment for different hepatitis viruses, including hepatitis A, B, C, and E viruses. A wide range of topics will be considered, including antiviral immunity, the relationship between immune responses and viral pathogenesis, design and characterization of potential vaccine antigens and candidates, testing of vaccine platforms and adjuvants in animals and humans, as well as development of monoclonal antibody and T cell therapies for hepatitis viruses. Other related topics will also be considered, and these could be related to investigations to understand the challenges in current vaccines, broadly neutralizing antibodies, structural function analysis, as well as theoretical studies on vaccine design. The section will publish different types of manuscripts, including short definitive reports, full-size papers, and reviews. All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review.

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