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The developments of Omics sciences impacted Health and Life Sciences. In the fields of Immunology and Vaccination, these developments paved the way to broaden the use of immunization strategies. While traditionally vaccines have been based on attenuated pathogens or parts of them to stimulate the immune system, the development of Omics has broadened this usage to DNA and mRNA in novel immunological strategies against infectious and non-infectious diseases. While DNA vaccines have achieved some success, particularly in veterinary applications, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a worldwide race for protective mRNA-based vaccines to reach the market in a timeframe never seen before.

This section is intended to cover all relevant topics related to DNA and mRNA vaccines for both infectious and non-infectious diseases, ranging from the rational design to the development and production of preclinical and clinical applications. While human therapeutics is of particular interest, manuscripts on animal therapeutics are also welcome.

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