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Italian Society of Andrology (SIA)

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The Italian Society of Andrology (SIA) is the largest Italian andrological community and was founded on 14th February 1976. Its current membership comprises approximately 700 individual members from across academic, community, and private hospitals. The SIA represents the leading authority within Italy on andrological practice, research, and education. The SIA has several focus groups from a diverse range of andrology: ranging from basic research to pharmacology, surgery, and clinical practice. Recently, SIA introduced an accreditation program for an andrology degree.

The focus areas of SIA are:

  • promoting a culture of health among men;
  • sharing the newest information about andrological pharmacological treatments and surgery  among professionals;
  • promoting careers in the andrological sciences;
  • promoting collaboration among professionals in terms of research and clinical trials;
  • recognizing excellence in andrological sciences via awards and fellowship nominations.

Their website provides further information on all their activities:

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