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The Section Field Theory covers topics, original research, and peer-reviewed articles related to the latest research and developments in the wide-ranging realm of field theory. Field theory is an interdisciplinary subject and covers a vast domain of topics, including both theoretical and experimental issues.

The editors of this section aim to provide field theory researchers with a platform to publish their scientific work, helping them to influence the scientific community as well as the general public.

The following is a summary of numerous topics covered in this section. The list is, however, not exhaustive.

Topics of This Section:

Classical field theory

Quantum field theory, including string field theory

Field theory of scalars, spinors, vectors, and higher rank tensors

Abelian gauge fields and quantum electromagnetics

Non-abelian gauge fields

Weak interactions

Strong interactions

Standard model of physics

Unified field theory

Grand unified field theory

Supersymmetric field theory

Perturbative field theory

Non-perturbative field theory

Feynman diagrams

Conformal field theory

Continuous random fields

Spontaneous symmetry breakdown

Statistical field theory of many-body systems

Spacetime symmetries

Internal symmetries

The vacuum


(Dynamics) Casimir effect

Some of these topics may also be viewed as not unique to field theory. Rather, they may also be associated with additional sections of Universe. Authors should submit their manuscripts to the section of Universe they deem most relevant and appropriate.

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