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The Cosmology section covers topics, original research and peer-reviewed articles related to the latest research and development in the field of cosmology. This is an interdisciplinary and vast domain which includes the origin and evolution of the universe, its actual characteristics and its future related to the nature of dark energy, its geometry, and quantum effects, such as, for example, vacuum decay.

This section covers theoretical and experimental issues, particularly concerning the standard model of cosmology, but not forgetting the existence of models that differ from the standard model, both in the description of the origin of the universe, its evolution, and its end (e.g. models related to superstring theories and loop quantum gravity). Both physical cosmology and early universe cosmology are considered, together with the last results of observational cosmology, which gave rise to the standard model of cosmology through the observation and study of the cosmic microwave background radiation, supernovae, redshift survey, etc. The standard model requires the universe to be dominated by dark matter and dark energy. Furthermore, our section also covers theory, observations, and experiments dealing with those two dominant constituents of the universe. Since cosmology draws heavily on disparate fields like astrophysics, particle physics, general relativity, and quantum mechanics, fields like quantum cosmology, applications of general relativity to cosmology and gravitational waves are covered in this section.

In general, this section aims to provide researchers with a platform to publish their scientific work, helping them to influence the scientific community as well as the general public.

The following is a summary of the topics covered in this section. The list is, however, not exhaustive.

Topics of This Section:

Cosmological Models of the Universe

Origin and Evolution of the Universe

Inflation Theory


Big Bang

Ultimate Fate of the Universe

Bounce Cosmology

Cosmic String/Superstring Theory

Quantum Gravity

Quantum Cosmology

Observational Cosmology

21 cm Cosmology

LCDM Cosmology

Dark Matter and Dark Energy

Axion Cosmology

Cosmic Acceleration

Cosmology Constants

Cosmological Perturbation Theory

Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB)

Large New Galaxy Redshift Surveys

Observations of Distant Supernovae and Gravitational Lensing

Gravitational Waves

Hubble's Law/Constants

Tests of Fundamental Assumptions of Cosmology

Machine Learning and Cosmology

The Large-Scale Structure of the Universe

Other topics related to cosmology

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