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Sustainable Engineering and Science

A section of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

Section Information

This Section discusses research topics related to sustainable engineering and sustainable science. Over the past few decades, sustainable ideas have been introduced into engineering-related fields at an astonishing speed. This has caused related industries to adopt eco-friendly materials applications or sustainable technologies/designs for the benefit of future generations. We hope this Section will be a platform in academia to share thoughts and innovations regarding sustainable engineering and science.

This Section encourages submissions related to:

  • Civil engineering, structural engineering, and construction technology: smart and sustainable structural design; innovative technology and materials application, e.g., building information modelling (BIM), city information modelling (CIM), etc.; construction engineering management;
  • Healthy and energy-saving indoor environment: ventilation, indoor climate; human comfort and sustainable development; acoustics, lighting, etc., in a sustainable built environment;
  • Structural health monitoring (applications of data analysis, sensor techniques): sensing of built structures for sustainable development; real-time analysis and maintenance of structures for sustainability; digital twins in civil engineering for sustainability; sustainable sensor applications in civil engineering;
  • Sustainable construction engineering, application of new construction materials: novel technology in construction engineering; new construction materials, such as tire-derived aggregate (materials coming from the waste);
  • Infrastructure/structures maintenance: energy-saving related retrofitting; sustainable applications of facade engineering (solar facades); infrastructure monitoring (tunnels, bridges, etc.); life cycle assessment in civil engineering;
  • Geotechnical engineering related: sustainable applications of foundation engineering; geotechnical engineering design and practices for sustainability; environmental geotechnics;
  • Sustainable earthquake engineering applications: seismic analysis and design of built structures; sustainable and earthquake-resistant structures; earthquake engineering and hazard mitigation;
  • Sustainable engineering design, engineering management, and engineering optimization: sustainable engineering design; engineering management for sustainability; engineering optimization;
  • Sustainable industrial engineering and safety engineering: applications of industrial engineering and industrial design; safety engineering and sustainability;
  • Novel and sustainable applications in other engineering fields, such as systems engineering, ecological engineering, environmental engineering, water engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering, renewable energy engineering and systems, transportation engineering, etc.

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