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Sustainable Water Management

A section of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

Section Information

Sustainable water management means to ensure using water in a way that meets both current and future socio-economical ecological demand. This section is aimed at improving the development and utilization of sustainable water resources management to meet increasing water demand worldwide. This section will provide information for water managers for managing water by applying sustainable solutions with a foreseeable risk.


  • Sustainable water resources management and governance:

water demand management; water resources system monitoring and modelling; water resources protection and planning; water economics, water allocation and water recycling; water harvesting; river basin closure; regional and international water-related policy.

  • Water and wastewater treatment:

wastewater reuse; water purification; domestic and industrial wastewater treatment.

  • Sustainable urban water management:

Drainage and water management in urban areas under extreme weather condition; hydro system assessment and analysis; integrated urban water resources management.

  • Sustainable water management and food production:

water use and irrigation in agriculture aquaculture; hydroponics and aquaponics; water–food–energy nexus.

  • Water and energy sustainability:

hydropower; integrated water–energy nexus footprint studies; energy supply that depends on water use; water supply that depends on energy.

  • Water and sustainable human development and interaction:

water supply and sanitation; public health issues related to water quality; social impacts of water security and poverty.

  • Water and sustainable ecosystems:

aquatic ecology; aquatic ecosystems; wetlands; environmental water-related issues, environmental degradation, preservation; restoration.

  • Sustainable applications in hydrology and hydraulics:

hydrodynamic and design of drainage systems, water bodies and catchments; soil water; design and analysis of water supply; surface–groundwater interactions.

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