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Sustainable Transportation

A section of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

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Sustainable transportation studies new methodologies, techniques, and developments that identify, evaluate, and/or solve social, economic, environmental, and climate issues.

From a social and economic point of view, accessibility, equity, social justice, and externalities produced by congestion and accidents are key issues. From an environmental and climate point of view, reduction of pollution, energy consumption, and global warming are very important problems that need to be addressed.

Sustainable mobility research is very dynamic and in recent times has been supported by new technologies in order to achieve even greater results and impacts. Thus, it is very important to study the impacts of current mobility and future mobility, both from the point of view of new modes of transport, as well as emerging tools and policies that are being developed. In this line, it is important to study the impacts of autonomous and connected mobility, as well as support systems that allow us to improve the efficiency and sustainability of our trips.

Other important issues to study are the impacts of sustainable policies, the promotion of active mobility, the use of cleaner and more efficient transport modes, and the improvement in quality of public and other sustainable transport systems.

This section of the journal encourages the submission of articles related to:

- Sustainable mobility planning, policies, and governance 
- Methodologies, practices, and policies for achieving behavioral change
- Transport demand management
- Equity, social justice, and gender equality
- Traffic safety
- Global warming
- Carbon-neutral fuel and green mobility
- Electric vehicles 
- Renewable energies
- Public transport and transit-oriented development
- Sustainable Cities
- Smart mobility, Smart Cities, and Smart Grids
- New traffic management systems
- Maas—Mobility as a service
- Green logistic
- Freight transport

In this sense, both research papers and review papers on these topics are welcome. In particular, “Sustainable Transportation” welcomes contributions by early-career researchers and propositions for Special Issues on a single, interesting theme in the field of sustainable transportation.

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