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Sustainability in Geographic Science

A section of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

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Section Sustainability in Geographic Science aims to study the sustainable development of human beings from a comprehensive geography perspective. The section not only focuses on the theory and practical research of physical geography, human geography, and geographic information science but also pays attention to the research that integrates environment, society, and economy, informing interdisciplinary research and education for sustainability. Specifically, Sustainability in Geographic Science welcomes original, high-quality articles and reviews on the following topics:

  • Physical geography: interactions and spatiotemporal variations among the various layers of the earth (lithosphere, pedosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere), geographical processes, and elements (mountains, forests, grasses, fields, air, waters, lakes, and seas).
  • Human geography: the practice of sustainable development of human beings, human well-being, culture, and community.
  • Human-environment relationship: interactions between humans and the environment, geographical responses of human activities, and impacts of natural environment changes and climate change on land surface.
  • Ecological science: the basic structure, components, and change of the social-natural ecosystem, focusing on the vulnerability of the ecosystem and ecological protection.
  • Regional development and planning: integrated socio-economic, geographical location, and resources; research regional development and planning from local, regional, and global perspectives.
  • Geographic information science: acquisition and application of high-quality geographic data, mapping, and remote sensing applications; geographic data and models for sustainable development strategies and decision-making.
  • Geographic and ecological education: cognition and understanding of geography’s phenomena and knowledge; method, material, and logistics of geographic education for a diverse audience.

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