8 June 2023
Smart Cities | Top Cited Papers in 2022

1. “The Metaverse as a Virtual Form of Smart Cities: Opportunities and Challenges for Environmental, Economic, and Social Sustainability in Urban Futures”
by Zaheer Allam, Ayyoob Sharifi, Simon Elias Bibri, David Sydney Jones and John Krogstie
Smart Cities 2022, 5(3), 771–801;
Available online:

2. “The Metaverse as a Virtual Form of Data-Driven Smart Urbanism: On Post-Pandemic Governance through the Prism of the Logic of Surveillance Capitalism”
by Simon Elias Bibri and Zaheer Allam
Smart Cities 2022, 5(2), 715–727;
Available online:

3. “The Social Shaping of the Metaverse as an Alternative to the Imaginaries of Data-Driven Smart Cities: A Study in Science, Technology, and Society”
by Simon Elias Bibri
Smart Cities 2022, 5(3), 832-–874;
Available online:

4. “Models for Supporting Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Design”
by Giuseppe Musolino, Corrado Rindone and Antonino Vitetta
Smart Cities 2022, 5(1), 206–222;
Available online:

5. “Barcelona under the 15-Minute City Lens: Mapping the Accessibility and Proximity Potential Based on Pedestrian Travel Times”
by Carles Ferrer-Ortiz, Oriol Marquet, Laia Mojica and Guillem Vich
Smart Cities 2022, 5(1), 146–161;
Available online:

6. “Participatory Governance of Smart Cities: Insights from e-Participation of Putrajaya and Petaling Jaya, Malaysia”
by Seng Boon Lim and Tan Yigitcanlar
Smart Cities 2022, 5(1), 71–89;
Available online:

7. “Implementing Data-Driven Smart City Applications for Future Cities”
by Yamuna Kaluarachchi
Smart Cities 2022, 5(2), 455–474;
Available online:

8. “Technology Developments and Impacts of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles: An Overview”
by Hafiz Usman Ahmed, Ying Huang, Pan Lu and Raj Bridgelall
Smart Cities 2022, 5(1), 382–404;
Available online:

9. “Visual Communication in Shared Mobility Systems as an Opportunity for Recognition and Competitiveness in Smart Cities”
by Katarzyna Turoń, Andrzej Kubik, Martin Ševčovič, János Tóth and András Lakatos
Smart Cities 2022, 5(3), 802–818;
Available online:

10. “Impact of the Use of Electric Scooters from Shared Mobility Systems on the Users”
by Andrzej Kubik
Smart Cities 2022, 5(3), 1079–1091;
Available online:

11. “SmartNoshWaste: Using Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing and QR Code to Reduce Food Waste in Decentralized Web 3.0 Enabled Smart Cities”
by Somdip Dey, Suman Saha, Amit Kumar Singh and Klaus McDonald-Maier
Smart Cities 2022, 5(1), 162–176;
Available online:

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