Sex Differences and Hormones

A section of Sexes (ISSN 2411-5118).

Section Information

Sexes (ISSN 2411-5118) is an international peer-reviewed open access journal that publishes articles and communications in the interdisciplinary areas of sexual health and behavior, including sexually transmitted diseases, sexual medicine, reproductive health, and gender identities and roles. The Section “Sex Differences and Hormones” will focus on biological differences caused by sex chromosomes, genes, and hormones in the body, having a significant impact over these interdisciplinary areas.

The newly established Section termed “Sex Differences and Hormones” represents a specific niche, within the journal Sexes, for worldwide experts to gather for related discussions in this rapidly emerging area of research. This Section welcomes manuscripts focusing on but not limited to the actions of gonadal hormones, or other hormones, and/or sex chromosome genes on brain differentiation and peripheral organs, and how this can impact the body’s physiology under basal and pathological states.

We are also sending out invitations for Guest Editors of future Special Issues and for researchers to join us, as active allies, in making the field of sex differences more inclusive.

We also encourage authors to recommend other research teams in the field to participate in and enjoy this project. In this way, those who publish their research in this Section are doubling their impact by inviting and helping other researchers and increasing accessibility to the field.

Additional benefits:

  • Editorial assistance/English proofreading scholarships;
  • Online masterclasses with our Editorial Board to help you communicate your research more effectively;
  • Online masterclasses with our Editorial Board to help you review and respond to reviewers’ comments constructively, and with impact;
  • A three-week article review period that strikes a balance between allowing you to rapidly publish your research and allowing reviewers sufficient time to provide thoughtful feedback.


  • metabolism
  • gonadal hormones
  • sex chromosome genes
  • sex differences
  • brain
  • peripheral organs
  • hormones
  • sexual dimorphism
  • women’s health
  • men’s health
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